Be yourself, but brief and nice.

My feet are killing me, and I’m pretty tired, but it sure feels good to be working again :) None of the shop volunteers turned up today, and the guy who was in charge had to be upstairs sorting donations and supervising the ‘upstairs volunteers’ so he asked me if I felt confident enough on the till after yesterdays training, to be left on my own to run the shop! Everything went fine, and it was nice to be trusted with that responsibility on day 2. I’m now bezzie mates with some of the regular customers, including an elderly lady who kept trying to feed me crisps and ice cream :) and I’ve already been asked to do extra shifts next week, BUT I got offered the job I interviewed for yesterday, and they’ve asked me to start next week, so they’re gona have to fight over me :) 

Day 1 done, so far so good. New shop is nice, and all the volunteers I’ve met so far seem lovely, the till (so far) also seems really easy, woo!

Interview 1 went ok, and I find out tomorrow, which is good.

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get some sleep instead of worrying.

Bring on tomorrow!

Busy week coming up

3 days of training in my new shop, 2 job interviews, a days work with my mum, and a funeral.

Really hoping this week goes well, that I make a good impression at my new job, and an even better one at the interviews so I can secure another job.

Lovely 9 mile walk up to and around Linacre Reservoir today.
Int Derbyshire brilliant.

Lovely 9 mile walk up to and around Linacre Reservoir today.

Int Derbyshire brilliant.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Early morning call offering me an interview next Monday, nice motivation to start the day! I’ve also just been asked to do 2 and a half days PAID training next week for my new Sunday job, and the manager from the shop I did 2 days trial in next week have called me in to see them this Friday. Weeks of nothing, now everything seems to have come at once. Definitely not complaining, just hope I can arrange everything to fit around each other, and make some right decisions if offers are made.

I know I sound like a whiny old bag….BUT, there are niggly little things the neighbour keeps doing that’s pissing me off. Our drives are joined together at the front of the house, but they’re not long enough to comfortably hold a car without half of it sticking over the pavement. Neither we nor the neighbour have a car, so the drives are rarely used, but it I have people round it’s easier for them to park diagonally over both drives. Whenever we’ve wanted to do this we’ve knocked on and asked if it’s ok, and she’s always said yes and that we don’t need to ask. So the other day my parents came round and parked diagonally, and within minutes she text Jonny (who was at work) to ask me to move it because she ‘couldn’t get to her bin’ which is a load of crap. She could have just knocked on the door and asked us to move it, but instead she text Jonny who then had to get in touch with me, she hadn’t even been outside or anywhere near her bin in those 5 minutes!!

For the past 4 hours next door have had a car on the drive, over on our side, making it a slight inconvenience to get to our front door. No big deal, but the fact she’s kicked off about summat so trivial just makes me wana ask her to move it.

If you’re gona kick off about petty things, then best to make sure you’re not being a hypocrite.

This weekend Jonny, his Dad and brother took part in the Great North Run, and helped to raise a lot of money for the Stroke Association in memory of Jonny’s Grandma. So proud of all of them.

We travelled back home yesterday and stopped off in York for a few hours. Fitted in a bit of sunbathing in the museum gardens, shopping in the shambles and a pub tea. 

How cute are the little trinkets Jonny bought me <3


Four Layer Everything Crunch Bars

Forever making cups of tea and forgetting about them.