Be yourself, but brief and nice.

Jonny’s done so much around the house this week, and he’s done all the washing up and is making tea again tonight, and I’m exhausted and stressed about work and he’s just being all lovely and stuff

Just bought Mummy some tickets for the theatre <3


mac and cheese
A letter to my manager…

My supervisor phoned in ‘sick’ on Tuesday as her dog had just died, fair enough…but she’s now said she’s not coming in for the whole week, because her husband is so upset about the dog and she needs to comfort him??? The Big boss is over tomorrow, and as I’m the only other member of staff, it’s obvious he’s gona ask me to work her shift on Saturday (my one Saturday off this month)….despite the fact I’m already in work 39.5 hours this week, including having worked Fri/Sat/Mon of Easter/Bank holiday weekend. 

This is the woman who decided she wanted some time off last year, so was allowed 6 weeks off over summer. She’s completely unreliable, and it’s utterly ridiculous to expect me to do everything.

Such an odd dream last night. Me and my Mum had somehow just discovered we had the ability to see ghosts…which started with us seeing a fat Charlie Chaplin…who was apparently a relative…but then we suddenly had no control over who we contacted or who we could see, and this creepy ghost girl appeared from nowhere and came running at us with a baseball I had to wake myself up.

overtime = money = holiday *repeat*


Little Black Dress 

Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.
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