Be yourself, but brief and nice.

So, Friday was my Birthday, and a bloody lovely one it was too.

Breakfast in bed before work. Came home to a gorgeous bunch of flowers, and got spoilt rotten with presents from Jonny, including vanilla vodka and tickets to Jimmy Eat World :D

Met up with Mel and Carl for a hot chocolate, then headed over to my Mums where I had a lovely takeaway with my family, ate a massive amazing cake and opened lots and lots of presents.

Back to mine to get ready, then headed into town with Jonny, my brother and his mrs, and my sister and her fella. Lots of drinks were consumed and lots of laughs were had. Felt mega rough on Saturday, but the kfc helped. 2 days later and I’m just about recovered. Been completely spoilt and feeling extremely lucky to have such an amazing family and boyfriend.